Media Production

Former Buffalo journalist turned solopreneur – Jim Herr understands that a stunning and memorable brand identity is the cornerstone to any successful business and one way to achieve that through media production.

Did you know that when your Western New York small business retains the digital marketing services of Jim Herr and Crabapple Media, you’ll be sure that everything produced for you – from the business cards in your pocket to your website online – will have a lasting impression on your customers.

You only have one chance to make a first impression according to Dan Antonelli who wrote in an article for, “roughly 95 percent of small businesses have a poor logo – meaning it delivers a neutral or negative brand promise. If your business is in the minority and embraces the power of its brand, this is great news, because you’re already standing out.”

Media Production Services Offered by Crabapple Media

You work hard to make your business work and Jim would be honored if you would put your trust in him to create compelling media for your Buffalo small business. Here is a sample are what he can offer:

  • Commissioned Creations: from logo creations to the creation of a total corporate brand image.
  • Advertisements and Printed Media: includes promotional materials for products, brands, and services.
  • Video and Photo Production: content creation is the king of Google. Video tutorials, Facebook posts, Instagram feeds, blog updates, photographs – they’re all content and can help attract new prospects to your business.

Sit down with Jim to increase your brand awareness through media production. Call or text Jim at 716-217-0036 or fill out our contact form to schedule an in-person consultation.