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Buffalo, New York based Crabapple Media provides affordable and effective web design and digital marketing solutions for businesses throughout Western New York.

My Company’s Mission

Hello, I’m Jim Herr and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Once upon a time, I was a television journalist covering the news in Buffalo.  Now, I’m a solopreneur offering Western New York small businesses a personalized approach to digital marketing in an industry where large and impersonal companies overcharge and under perform.

My digital marketing services are scalable to meet the needs of your Buffalo small business and include web design, fully-managed hosting, search engine optimization, reputation and social media management, email marketing, paid search, content creation, and media production.

If you’re ready to discuss your specific digital marketing needs, please call or text me at 716-217-0036 or fill out my contact form to schedule an in-person consultation.

Thinking About A New Website?

Now is the perfect time to retain my digital marketing services if you’re serious about implementing a new website for your small business.

A properly built website is the foundation to a well-executed digital marketing plan.  According to Eco Tone Digital Solutions, a new website is an effective way to reach new clients, extend your business footprint, promote your brick and mortar store, and a great way to build your online reputation.

Plus, when you’re ready to really dive into digital marketing, the costs of my services scale to meet the needs of your small business.  I found this puts search engine optimization, email marketing, and paid search opportunities in reach of business owners.

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Additional Services

Content Creation

Some of my clients may have specific textual content they would like included on their small business website while others do not.  As a result, I can create any textual content your website requires from the initial content to creating ongoing blog posts discussing your business and services.  Google will subsequently recognize your expertise on a subject and therefore boost your rankings on their search engine.

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Advance Search Engine Optimization

Crabapple Media uses the latest tools, strategies, and trends to help your Buffalo small business move up Google’s search results using the right keywords to get noticed by the right audience.   I’ll set the foundation for future search engine optimization when I create your small business website by developing basic keywords, creating internal and external links and getting your website listed on Google My Business and Yelp.  As your digital marketing plan grows, so will your need for advance search engine optimization.

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Social Media Management

Let Crabapple Media grow your social media followers while you focus on growing your business.  Our social media marketing services will help you build your tribe and bring in warm referrals that you can convert into new business.

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Email Marketing

Loyal customers want to receive emails from the brands they love, however, they’ll only engage with valuable content.  Let Crabapple Media create emails that enables your business increased open rates, click-through rates, and business conversions.

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Media Production

One of the cornerstones to your small business brand is good media production. A poorly designed company logo for example, can turn people away from your company because they’ll subconsciously associate the poor logo design with poor customer service. The same is true with poorly composed photos or video that attempt to visualize your brand.  Crabapple Media will help your buffalo-based small business design effective graphics and produce eye-catching media that will excel your brand.

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Digital Advertising

Crabapple Media can work with your small business to generate high-quality traffic and increased conversion rates through the power of paid per click services offered by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital advertising avenues.


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How Can I Help?

Call or text me at 716-217-0036 or fill out the form below and I’ll contact you soon.  Thanks, Jim.